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How water-jet cutting can offer best flooring Inlays

July 1st, 2014 / admin / 0 comments

Water-jet cutting is a remarkable technology and under this process, water is made used in heavy pressure to provide attractive carvings and designs in distinct materials. This is being used by different industrial application sectors such as stones, metals and tiles, paper and packaging, glass, aerospace, automotive and food and so on. They are majorly used in creation of carving designs and technology input flooring inlays in distinct places. Among the rest of the traditional methods of cutting procedures, water-jet cutting is agreed as the outstanding technology. Still there are distinct features which will play a vital role in the ultimate output.

Material thickness

Water-jet method of cutting technology is more suitable choice of cutting soft materials which have permeable level of thickness such as paper, foams, leather and carpets and so on. Even water-jet cutting can be easily done by making use of pure water on that are little harder such as plywood with width up to 10mm, foils, rubber, fiberglass up to 6mm. Even though pure water is not only sufficient in order to cut harder materials like glass, plastics, metals, stone and thick plywood, one need to address it by making use of abrasives such as sand. This combination of water and sand when used under water-jet method will cut the hardest of all materials such as Silicon Nitride, Silicone Carbide and Aluminum Oxide.

Instructions for feeding abrasive in the water-jet tool

One of the significant aspects that have to be take care while making of water-jet tool is speed. In order to derive the preferred carving designs and effects in any sort of material, speed plays a vital role under this cutting method. As per industrial standard, it is in practice, to set speed in water-jet tool as more than twice the greater count of half of thickness of the material. And the interesting fact is that, later on, the speed can be raised up by doubling the feeding of abrasive rate based upon the thickness of the materials that is being exposed under water-jet cutting technology.

Water pressure role

It is very important to make use of water appropriate level of high pressure for getting perfect-picture results. As water-jet cutting technology utilize water in high frequency of level of pressure, one should focus on it as it plays an immense role in getting the finishing effects. Generally, more level of pressure in the sense higher energy imposed on the material. It has been witnessed that by increasing the level of pressure by 10%, one can increase more than 10% of the cutting speed.

When a person considers all this factors while implication of water-jet cutting technology, they can found best results as they may be expecting. When flooring inlays that are created by making use of this technology are great to see and are of more attractive nature. This water-jet technology is suitable for carving and cutting on all sorts of materials if done in proper way by understanding the techniques that they should make use of while processing.