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Monarchy Medallions have been gracing residential and commercial developments with the timeless appeal of bespoke flooring, which owe their origins to the mosaics that were a key heritage of the Roman and Hellenic Empires.

At one time it was thought that the skills necessary to produce such perfect medallions and mosaics were almost extinct but, in the way that only human endeavour can achieve, technology has once again turned the tide. Today, through the extraordinary precision of water jet cutting, medallions can be crafted that would never have been possible, even with the old skills. Custom and bespoke designs of the most extreme intricacy are possible with water jet fabrication when in the hands of the expert team at Monarchy Medallions.

Whereas our predecessors were restricted to metal saws to produce their admittedly glorious results, the water jet cutter takes the art to a whole new level. For marble and stone, the water jet contains an abrasive additive, which is formed into a circular jet by the only material that can withstand the pressure; a jewel such as an industrial diamond. It leaves the cutting nozzle at over 900 miles per hour, concentrated into a jet that can cut to within two thousandths of an inch, about the width of the thinnest human hair. As it cuts it leaves a perfect finish, not heat, no dust and, because it is computer controlled, this can be repeated over and over again.

Each medallion is designed first as a drawing showing the work in situ; whether in the entrance hall, banqueting room or simply hung to dramatic effect on the wall. Each element of the medallion is then translated to a cutting programme by an expert in computer aided design, each piece coded to create a magnificent jig saw that will fit perfectly together.

To date Monarchy Medallions have completed over 370 projects from initial brief to final installation. Clients can choose from our vast range of classic and contemporary designs, or we can work to your own bespoke and unique ideas. Heraldry is often a popular choice, interpreting the family crest as a magnificent work in marble or ceramics, forever binding the family line to the home.

Choosing the final design is only one part of the amazing experience of creating beautiful medallions; selecting the material also opens a wealth of colours, hues, textures and grains that add excitement and mystery to the final product. We will advise on which materials work well together, how the product will wear over time and, of course, how to maintain the medallions so that their beauty and lustre are retained through the wear any flooring experiences.

For corporate and hospitality clients we will work closely with your interior design and architectural teams to provide stunning reproductions of brand logos and corporate identity in any material, or combinations of materials, of your choice.

Monarchy Floor design – Floor medallion

At Monarchy Medallions we have a fine team of specialists, led and inspired by the three partners who respectively head up design, construction and installation, and of course, sales and marketing, ensuring that our customer promise is met in every aspect of our work.

We want the commitment to a Monarchy Medallion to be a very special event, from the design through to the final installation, because these are truly works of art.